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Antzuola History


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historia1Before entering our history we have to look at prehistory, with respect to which we can say that the http://hotelpacificparadise.com/cheap-cialis-australia municipality has testimonies prior to historical documents. These are related to the best online cialis'>best online cialis places of livestock passage dating from the Neolithic or Mesolithic eras (2000-1000 BC). This passage, running from Urbia to the coast, passed over our mountains, leaving the legacy of monuments to the dead – megaliths – in the shape of the Arrolamendi and we use it viagra tablets for sale Tekutz tumuli.

It is impossible to levitra tablets'>levitra tablets understand the origin of Antzuola without mentioning Uzarraga – the parish church two kilometres away – said to be among the nine oldest parish churches in Gipuzkoa. To confirm this claim, we have the buy real cialis online'>buy real cialis online church of free cialis sample'>free cialis sample Saint John the Baptist which, tradition would have, belonged to the Templars. However, underwater currents have brought the construction down on three occasions following which it has always been rebuilt.

It is also possible that the Battle of Valdejunquera belonged to this early popular tradition.
The history of Antzuola, or at least of the currently existing village, starts with Olalde – a meeting point for makers of crafts, some of which perhaps still existing today are leather and linen goods – and with the nearby hospital dedicated to Mary Magdalene (1489). This origin is also related to the Parish Church of Nuestra Señora de la Piedad (1525).

This municipality has been related ever since its appearance with Bergara, a population to which it became annexed on 20 January 1391, especially to fight against the Gabiria and Ozaeta factions and, on the other hand, to benefit from the advantages of Bergara due to its being a town. This coexistence lasted until 12 December 1629, the date on how much does levitra cost which Antzuola gained its independence after having paid 5,000 Ducats to the king of http://voidware.com/canadian-pharmacy-viagra-generic the time, Felipe III.

The 18th and 19th Centuries take us to http://nimbustier.net/blogs2/buy-levitra-online-usa the time of the French invasion. Despite the abuse practiced in the local farmhouses, the neighbours refused to sit around and watch. According to popular tradition, one of the neighbours was a famous guerrilla fighter called Pildain, said to be buried in the Hermitage of Antigua.

Another important event took place at the top of Mount Deskarga during the Carlist War in the shape of a bloody battle between the Liberal and Carlist factions.

And closer to our time we mustn’t forget to mention the influence on our population of industry and the immigration experienced in the 60s and 70s. Today Antzuola is an industrial town. Finally, we must point out that the population is in the process of growing thanks to the recent building of http://www.cityofmedinatn.org/levitra-online-canada several houses.


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