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Barkero_090103_006Antzuola School stands in the town centre, next to the Square, and teaches all of the local children between the viagra paypal'>viagra paypal ages of 2 and 12.

CANTEEN service available

Pupils' timetable:
Full-day times: 09h00-12h30 and 14h30-16h30.
There are no classes on Wednesday afternoons.
Half-day times: 09h00 – 13h00

Teaching staff timetable:
On class days: 09h00-12h30 and 14h30-17h30
On non-class days: 09h00-15h00




- The town and generic viagra in india'>generic viagra in india its surrounding countryside have grown together, hence preserving a high quality physical environment. Antzuola is also quite well taken care of order cialis pill with respect to www.muurikka.com town planning, so that children can move around freely and relate to their more immediate natural surroundings.

- The standing unemployment rate is low and there are no particular situations of social tension, meaning that our school children live in highly stable family environments.

- The attitude of the families towards the school is canada cialis prescription'>canada cialis prescription positive, as is their degree of participation.

- Antzuola is catalogued as being Basque speaking with respect to its social-linguistic situation. The percentage of people who know Basque is almost 71.2%, despite the fact that the usage figures drop to 59.6% (according to the Basque statistics entity EUSTAT in 1991). This social-linguistic reality means that the school is in a favourable situation with respect to teaching Basque to the entire school population.

- Today's School is the result of merger which took place between public schools and ikastolas or Basque schools as they existed until 1981, the year of their unification. Thanks to this decision, we were able to anticipate a number of viagra 20 problems and avoid potential situations of social division. The unification most certainly had positive consequences, both within the school itself and socially. This was basically a process which recognized the strong desire and need for unification. The fact that there is only one school attended by all of the school-age children permits us to http://whalewatchingsydney.com.au/viagra-sale deal naturally with existing differences and generic levitra overnight teach the click here best prices on brand cialis pupils in an atmosphere of greater diversity.

- Both professional and personal relations between teachers are good; the culture of pooling efforts is common among them and there are no tensions to question their professional work. Job stability is considerable, hence permitting them to consolidate their work as a team.

The general objectives of the school are set down in its Educational Project, as follows:

- Development of the schoolgoer's intellectual, social-affective and moral autonomy, helping him or her to discover and get to know his or her natural and social environment.

- That the school be understood and considered as a public service.

- To promote the esteem, knowledge and www.cityofmedinatn.org use of Basque and of the Basque culture, together with the knowledge of http://mafc.ca/levitra-cheap and esteem for other cultures and the integration of their contributions.

- To attempt to inter-relate the school with its natural, social and historical surroundings, extracting the characteristics which identify and define us while in turn making our own contributions.

- To promote diversity within the school, respecting the buy viagra online cheap opinions, ideas and beliefs of the entire school community and http://theabgb.com/get-viagra-cheap rejecting any kind of discriminatory personal or social expression.

- To ensure the real participation of school agents in its organization and activities, making joint management possible.

- To define the most appropriate criteria for approaching and consolidating curricular adaptations with the objective of ensuring a coherent treatment of diversity.

- To commit the teaching staff to researching into their subjects and to pedestria.joshmillard.com reflecting on the educational practice, while improving themselves scientifically and professionally, all with a view to favouring pedagogic renovation and improving the education they teach.

- To design and develop an educational project based on the pupil's constructivist learning and levitra generic canada'>levitra generic canada on the teacher's constructivist intervention.

- To remain open to social contributions and events and to exchange educational experiences with other centres and institutions.

Pict0021 Eskola


2.3.1. Pre-school education:
Basic lines
Importance of only best offers order levitra the action
The affective-emotional aspect
Relations between schoolchildren

Organizational pillars of the learning process:
The meeting place
Fixed spaces
Globalizing actions

2.3.2. Primary education:
Basic lines
Relation between the cognitive and the affective
Constructivist principles
Communicative contexts

Organizational pillars of the learning process:
Globalizing themes
Relations between areas
Climate of communication

a) “Educating in diversity to co-exist in equality” (Global project to be developed over three school years)
Society presents the school with challenges which it has to face, rethinking the cialis super active entire school system with the objective of offering today's boys and girls - citizens of the future - resources of all kinds to help them analyse and understand the reality in which they live. An education offering them the necessary ethical-moral tools permitting them to become agents of social change. An education permitting them to take shape as social beings developing relations based on the respect for others, on solidarity and cialis for sale'>cialis for sale responsibility.   
An education developing resources permitting them to adapt themselves to http://celebrifan.com/buy-cialis-online-cheap the society in which they live and project themselves towards the future. This approach will necessarily affect the entire school life: the educational project, aspects related to the curricular project; school organization, professional preparation of the teaching staff; relations with families...
b) “Early introduction of cialis in canada'>cialis in canada English lessons to the Under 6s”
c) “Early introduction of English lessons to Primary Schoolgoers”
d) “Development of English based on the curricular content of the area" in Primary Schoolgoers




- Outings with overnight stays
- Exhibition of animals and vegetables at the Santo Tomas Fair
- Carnival
- Excursions related to the subjects studied in class
- Swimming class
- End-of-year trips
- Olentzero (Basque equivalent of Santa Claus)
- Basque promoting activities
- Campaign “Basque on holiday”
- Inter-school sport



- School Board
- Teams corresponding to the different educational stages
- Teachers' meeting
- Management and coordination team
- Family committee
- School assembly

- Rector
- Head of Studies
- Secretary
- Coordinators


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